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Weekly Updates 2012

Greys Green – 29 September 2012

Dear All,

The final report for season 2013 is a happy one, built around a most impressive run chase at Greys Green. Set 188 to win (off 50 overs!), Turville raced to its target in 39 overs for the loss of just 6 wickets. Sam Beardall led the charge with a fine 74*, supported by a cultured 32* from Adrian Bignell and a sterling 27 from James Moberley (fully recovered from his crack on the noggin at Checkendon last week). Special mentions for Charlie Beardall who snaffled 3 wickets for 14, and Neil Runkel who bowled 10 overs of guile for figures of 2/45. Final edition of Anorak Corner below.
Turville Park has enjoyed a very successful year in spite of the poor weather, and congratulations must go to Sam and his Vice Captains for such a positive vibe. Thanks also to Pete Briffett for his tireless efforts in mobilising us to do stuff other than just play cricket. By the way that includes golf at Badgemore this Saturday against Stonor – last chance to enjoy the cricket season spirit…
See you at the AGM on 4 November, or at nets in February!
Anorak Corner
Q1. A real live rules debate at Greys on Saturday (although vigilant readers will have seen this come up in an earlier report). The Greys skipper was ‘stumped’ (by Colin, very deftly) off a no-ball from Runks (who, by the way, was the proud owner of the longest run-up on Saturday). After some to-ing and fro-ing the batsman was sent on his way by the (Greys) umpire. A quick rules caucus in the Greys pavilion resulted in a clear view that one could be stumped off a wide, but not off a no-ball, and so the batsman was ‘invited’ to return (not by Runks, mind). Here’s the question – what if the batsman, mistakenly believing the ball had eluded Colin, had set off to run a bye?
Q2. What is the ECB imposed salary cap on County sides? Who breached it this year, and what was their penalty?
Q3. Who hit the fastest T20 century this year?
Q4. What is the most implausible piece of cricket news this year?
1. Out (Run Out) – Law 24.15
2. £1.8m; Durham, points deduction (0.25 points), fine (£2,500) – hardly seems much of a disincentive?
3. Scott Styris – 37 balls, for Sussex against Gloucs
4. NOT, as you might imagine, that Paul Nixon has an autobiography out in hardback, BUT that it is retailing for £17.99…?!
Harpsden – 15 September 2012
Dear All,

A brilliant result to report on after Turville subdued a young, fit, strong, up-for-it Harpsden, at home on Saturday in wonderful mid-September conditions (how’s that for a sentence chock full of information). Match report attached.
James Hunt tore the heart out of Harpsden’s top order (after some unexpected cattle marshalling duties) with some hooping inswing and astonishing figures of 5/11. The oppo struggled to 133, which Turville overcame comfortably (after a nervy start) largely due to Jon Hancock’s effortless 52, and Sam Halfhead’s magnificent (no, really) anchoring 28. Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive…
James Moberley (a freshly minted 50 year old!) captured the sentiment of the day perfectly by claiming the whole Turville experience as the one ‘luxury’ he would take with him when he is called for interview on Desert Island Discs. Brilliant.
Just 2 weekends to go. Bugger…!
Public Service Announcement – has anyone seen TPCCs nice new white wicketkeeping gloves? (last seen at Wormsley).
Anorak Corner
Q1. Runs can be scored in four ways – 1. batsmen crossing and making good their ground, 2. a boundary, 3. penalty runs, and 4…..?
Q2. OK, now concentrate – Turville need 1 run off the last ball. Peter Briffett is on strike, but has a runner (lets call him ‘Seigs’). Charles Henry is at the non-strikers end. Pete clubs the last ball past mid-wicket (natch) and all 3 Turville players set off for a run (Pete is obviously running from habit/enthusiasm). Charles, Seigs and Pete all safely make their ground and begin to celebrate. The fielding team is disconsolate; however, Pete is heading back to the pavilion when an alert opposition fielder interrupts the celebrations by casually walking up and putting down the wicket at the strikers end. WTF?
1. Lost ball (ball must be lost inside the field of play, runs scored are the maximum of 6, or the number of runs actually run before the ball is called lost).
2. Answer, Part 1 – Pete is out and Turville lose, EXCEPT, Part 2, if the officiating umpire calls Dead Ball. A ball is ‘dead’ when it is clear that the fielding side and both batsmen have ceased to regard it as in play.
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