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Weekly Updates 2018

13 May 2018

Dear All,
A rather ill-matched (but surprisingly well-tempered) fixture was played out at Turville on Sunday against the Henley Tyros (Astros? Hydros?). Once again enjoying benign conditions, Turville ratlled up 3/254 in just 39 overs. Sam Beardall was unluckily run out for a chanceless 93 while James Hunt powered his way to 116. In reply, our guests collapsed to be all out for 48 off 22 overs. 2 wickets each for Charles Henry, Will Hammersley and Charlie Hunt.
Oh well, the tea was very fine (thanks Felicity Hunt).
Chris Rogers is still looking for candidates for Britwell Salome this weekend.

Assorted Stuff

1. Time for a refresher on the use of Runners after some head scratching on the weekend. Runners have in fact been banned at the international level (all formats) since 2011 (Law 25). It would appear that Runners remain an option in all other cricket.
2. Here’s a piece of analysis I found over the Winter harking back to the 2016 T20 World Cup (West Indies winners). It turns out that the WI are/were ahead of the curve –
* they won every toss and chased every time. A big advantage. In 2016 72% of teams in T20 cricket chased. 55% of all games were won by the chasing team.
* they prized boundary hitting. In the semi-final against India (196/3 v 192/2) the WI played out 50 dot balls (India just 27!), but hit 11 6’s to India’s 4.
* the correct focus is strike rate, not average. Everyone knows this you say, but consider Sunil Narine in last years IPL. He was dismissed once every 10 balls, at an average of 17.23. If that sounds underwhelming, it comfortably clears the T20 average team score, and is in fact 16 runs higher than a team batting at Joe Root’s strike rate.
6 May 2018

Dear All,

Welcome back!

TPCCs 2017/18 season was launched on Sunday in simply glorious Bank Holiday weekend weather. In a brilliant initiative, Sam Beardall arranged a day which included a 20/20 fixture against a strong London Barbarians team, Guinness World Record attempts, afternoon tea, post-match BBQ and Turville Park branded beer. What’s not to like? Well, the match result, certainly, but otherwise this was a splendid day out.
First, the cricket formalities. London batted first and knocked up a respectable 8/146. 3 wickets to Adrian Bignell, and 2 wickets for Nick Henry were features of TPCCs first (rather rusty) outing in the field. In reply, TPCC relied heavily on good knocks from Charlie Beardall (61) and James Thornton (40*) but ultimately fell 8 runs shy. Two run outs (to add to the two in the London innings) suggested a scanty pre-season fitness regime. Match Report attached.
More importantly, Turville entered the record books on 4 fronts (or will do, once Guinness verifies the results) –

Longest Run Up. Charlie Beardall completed a 5km run in to Turville Heath, dressed in whites, ball in hand and trailed by Harry Beardall on a bike with a GoPro. On arrival, only Harry was puffing. Charlie duly landed the ball on a line and length. During the 25 mins wait, the whole of the Turville team stood in position together with the batsmen and umpires. I think I responded to about two dozen sandpaper-related ‘queries’. After his first ball achievement (previous record 3km), Charlie carried on to deliver another 5 deliveries. A truly heroic effort. Surreal moment of the day occurred when Sam was heading off to drive Charlie 5k up the road. The umpire called after the car to ask what Charlie’s delivery action would be when he finally arrived back at the crease.

Most Consecutive Balls Bowled (by consecutive bowlers) and struck (by Pete Briffett) in 1 minute (24 – previous record 20). I’m guessing that when the Guinness team reviews the footage of Pete at the crease, there will be speculation around the level of Guinness actually fuelling this record breaking effort.
Most Catches between 2 players across a 10 metre space in a minute (James Hunt and Ollie Thornton, 45 catches)
Fastest time to dress in batting gear (James Bush, 52 seconds)
Over £1,000 raised for Sam’s charity, thanks all. Many thanks also to all the Beardall family (especially Sheila and Lippy), James for donating the burgers and the Thorntons for bringing the salads.
Fixtrue crads are now avialeble (thanks Tom). This Sunday, Jamie is Match managing at home against Henley.
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